Random Reviews

fastandfurious_smallfinalposterWatched “Fast and Furious” this weekend.  No wonder it was a box office runaway.  It got all the perfect formula for a surefire action hit: hero out for revenge against the thugs who killed his girlfriend; a no non-sense FBI agent on a relentless pursuit against the same thugs who turn out to be big time Mexican [how timely] drug traffickers as well; breath- taking action guaranteed to nail you to the edge of your seat.  The violence is at acceptable level according to my scale while the sex is almost non-existent.  Right before the ending, I was set to admire the film despite its predictable story.  This is because the hero [who is also a thief facing criminal charges] is convicted despite his role in apprehending fellow criminals.  But when he is about to serve time [as he proudly reminds the FBI agent friend disguising as a felonious bastard to penetrate the enemy camp, that “I do real time”], the same FBI agent, riding on his furiously fast car, decides for himself that his convict friend should instead be a fugitive from justice and “rescues” him. [Sigh]. Glory be to the criminals!


slumdogmillionaire_poster“Slumdog Millionaire” is indeed a feel-good movie–sweet but not sentimental, epic but fast-paced, fantastical but remains realistic.  Jamal and Latika’s love story is as pure and innocent as they come, a ray of hope shining amidst the atrocities that surround them, uncorrupted despite the corruption they are intiatied into at a very impressionistic age.  Dare we believe that such a love could exist?  Only those who have truly experienced the power and glory of love can answer this.  Within the movie’s two-hour traffic, the story of eighteen year-old Jamal’s short life paints a lifetime of our world’s stinking society –the religious hatred that made him an orphan, the urban poverty of third world countries, the paradox of human nature– portraits that can only be made enriched and made meaningful through media. That those questions all uncannily have something to do with his life [and thus lead him to the right answers] seem inconceivable but within the purview of destiny, they have to be meant to be.  Call it luck, coincidence or fantasy but destiny is something we humans seem incapable of escaping.


I gotta say this, I am not a Twilight fan, be it the book or the movie.  I have no excuse except that I always regarded pulp fiction as an inferior form of literature [if it can even be  considered as such].  Moreover, I have surpassed the age where teen-age romance novels would keep me awake till the last page where the hero and heroine live happily ever after; in short, call me cynical but I am way too old for this crap.   Or maybe, I am just jealous of Stephenie Meyer :D.  Be that as it may, I have to concede that watching this clip of the sequel to  blockbuster  Twilight stirred my sleeping romantic soul, specially the long forgotten teenager in me who secretly giggled and foolishly cried over  both tragic and fairytale romances. Though I’m skeptical about the really stoic and boring acting [come on, there has to be more to a film than the hot actor and the cute actress], the almost obsessive media hype, and the gushy, shrieking comments of fans, the trailer promises to deliver an exciting and fantastic escape from reality.

[Do click the poster for the trailer]


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