1. TEACHING IS A NOBLE PROFESSION.  I wish people would stop labeling teaching as such. It gives everyone the license to patronize us, take advantage of our kindness, exploit our abilities, and worse, justify our pitiful paychecks.

2.  RESILIENCE.  During that big storm last year, a lot of people around the world admired us for our resilience. Unintentionally, their appreciation helped nail us to our coffins. Maybe we shouldn’t have shown such a brave and smiling face amid that tragedy [and all others that went before it], because maybe, just maybe, our government would have been the pillar of strength in our helplessness, instead of the cripple it actually was/is.

3. SUCCESS.  Now there’s a term. A relative who is dear to me once scornfully pointed out how much of a failure I am because despite my intelligence and abilities, I haven’t gone anywhere near success. Before I could scream in righteous indignation [not to mention pain], I had to understand that success is fairly relative and I really shouldn’t take it against him if money, fame and power [all of which I do not have] are his idea of success.

4. TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK. There’s humility, and then there’s humility.  In my humble observation, people have a very strong tendency to take advantage.

Also, avoiding confrontations because of a noble intention to keep the peace or the relationship might just push one to lose his/her marbles and go on a shooting rampage.

5.THE SO-CALLED PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  Honestly? I do not have the stamina. I am sitting here in front of this computer doing something I love–writing.  At this very moment, I’m happy. Something will eventually make me sad later. Or angry, or disappointed, or depressed.  Might as well save myself from all that huffing and puffing and enjoy this periodic respite from all my troubles.



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