To aN eNcHaNted tRee…

you've been there since longer 
than before I was four,
would whisper when i pass by,
secrets-- some wicked, some I'm too shy
to versify.

you've been an object of many speculations:
enchanted, haunted, and other such notions
like fairies, elves and witches;
so we pay you due respect and say
"tabi apo" when on our way.

i walked past you to my abode,
on many youthful summers down a dusty road,
on winters we shook together in the cold;
and you knew when i did something unusually bold,
or when there were angry tears i try to withhold.

Decades rolled,the neighborhood got old [and new],
Whilst you grew thicker, sturdier and i suppose, older too;
Halogen lamps have drowned moonlit and starlit nights 
When your mystique shone bright and inspired fright,
And children playing tag screamed in delight.

Seemingly indifferent, you stand alone and proud today
But you have lost your magic and your mystery,your history
forgotten even by once little girls like me
No birds nest nor rest on your brawny branches, 
nor dogs howl even in dark midnights that need torches.

But i'm happy they have left you be,
i fear they might fell you, you see;
i want my grandchildren to know
how special you are to me, 
you enchanted, mystic tree.


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