Fifty Shades of Extramarital Affair in PHL Movies

Here we go again. Another film about unfaithful wives and husbands. Same shallow motivations like husband neglected by wife and turning to another woman; woman with [closet] gay husband and turning to straight guy to satisfy her lust. With a little twist here and there, different actors and predictable, formulaic title [When Love is Gone], then voila! Our yearly dose of sizzling hot extramarital affair film is served to satisfy our proclivity for melodrama and morbid fascination with other peoples’ lives, especially their scandals. Although, a review [or was it a rave?] in Philippine Star takes note of its “middle classiness” [which could mean the upper and lower classes handle the theme differently] treatment of the subject.  So, my thesis? Philippine movies are well and helplessly stuck in this mire of intrigues, an echo perhaps, of the country’s own story of political unfaithfulness and betrayal. And yes, it may take fifty years more or so to paint and then exhaust every shade of this emotionally exhausting plot.e676


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