A Random Act of Kindness

ImageWhen I went home last night, I had to stop by the market to buy rice and fish for dinner.  It was a Thursday and, more than feeling dead tired, I had a temperature.  My whole body ached and my head felt like it was gonna splinter into thousands of pieces.  I crossed the highway, then with a sigh, contemplated the road ahead. It will take a ten-minute walk before I finally reach home.  An empty jeepney [save for the driver, his wife, and their baby on board] passed by me.  I looked at the driver hopefully and it seemed he registered how tired-looking I was, with my shoulders drooping, weighed down by the stuff I was carrying.  He stopped, asked me where I was headed, and offered me a ride. I climbed aboard without hesitation.  I tried to pay but he refused; so, I thanked him and his wife profusely.

That random act of kindness inspired me to write this post today.  That driver was about to turn in for the night after a day’s work.  I guess he understood the kind of tiredness I was feeling.  But the reason I was moved by his act is that I realize I don’t experience this kind of generosity everyday.    More often than not, people are kind to me because of what I can help them with. And the things I can help them with are usually those they cannot buy with their money.  


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