A Diehard “Die Hard” Fan

I don’t normally enjoy watching movies by myself.  But when “…Die Hard” came to town, there was no way i was missing it and there was no one to see it with, so i decided to go it alone.  I wouldn’t take the girls with me coz, aside from the cost it’d take, the film is too violent.

The cinema (Ayala Centrio Mall)is new, and it was my first time there. I must say, I was impressed by the systematic and orderly way they conduct film showings: you buy the ticket at an open booth and you get to choose and reserve the seat you want, that is, if you’re an early bird; there is a specific time when the gates open and this schedule is strictly observed.  If you’re really late, then you can’t review coz the attendants will shoo you off the premises once the show is over, and then they close the theater again till the next showing.  As for the venue itself, nothing special.  I mean, it’s as cool as other cinemas in the city.  I also think the creative feature warning movie-goers against piracy was commendable.  However, I still have to de-mystify how “pirates” are getting away with it. centrio

Obviously, i’m a Bruce Willis-Die Hard fan. Can’t separate the two coz other Willis films never really grew on me.  So here are some of the things i like about these movies:

1. Willis has created in McClane a distinct character–like he has “trademarked” and endowed him with a personality. In other words, Willis owns McClane.

2. Speaking of actors, there’s much to love about Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L Jackson and Justin Long.diehard1

3. It is heart-warming to see McClane with his children.  Like he’s come full circle after saving his wife in 2.0 and his daughter in 4.0.  from the bad guys. In the third film, his marriage dissolves, he loses his family, and drowns his sorrows in alcohol.   He also  doesn’t seem to like himself much as a father and, by his own admission [which his son overhears], he considers himself sadly lacking in this department by prioritizing his work over his family.  But his daughter clearly adores him and worries about him.  As for his son who obviously has issues against him and whom John considers a “problem child”, the boy ends up a CIA agent.  Clearly, he is a chip off the old block.

4. No bed scenes. It’s not the only one i know.  Im not a prude and i have nothing against them but i find watching love scenes extremely awkward, especially with strangers or friends around. I mean, i’d rather action movies don’t have those.

5. The villain in 5.0 is not the usual suspect.  Though not revealing the bad guy till the climax is a common enough technique in Hollywood films, it works  here.  The parent-child tandem parallel effectively contrasts bad and good parenting.a_good_way_to_die_hard_5-t1

I’ve seen some of the successful action movies of last year like Expendables, Avengers, Battleship,  Bourne Legacy, Skyfall. I liked them all except that some of the plots are hard to follow and don’t add up much.  Die Hard’s is simpler and does not require me to knock myself out putting two and two together. You just sit there and wait things out.   HOWEVER,  if the writers and the director did not concentrate too much on the gunfights, explosions and all manner of chases, they wouldn’t have run out of time highlighting salient details about the characters’ psychological relationship and the same wouldn’t look so forced, or some scenes wouldnt have been hastily dispensed with.



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