A Fool’s Paradise

It would be so sad if Manny was in on the conspiracy. When will these betrayals and deceptions end? We Filipinos have the tendency to just shrug and laugh off/make fun of, and resignedly accept any BS that are done infront of us. This is why these bastards always get away with everything. I wish though, that all boxing fans all over the world have the willpower to snub the rematch Bradley predicted even way before the fight yesterday, if only to show Bob Arum and the rest of his greedy mafia gang members that we, as a force, have the power to run them out of business. As for Manny, if indeed he let himself be used this way, then our hero-worship of him is so wasted and all that Bible-preaching is a blasphemy. It would seem that he is using his faith and God to condition the minds of his worshippers and to manipulate the game. It is so easy for him to say that we should all accept defeat and cast all our cares to God, since he was paid way way more than his winning opponent. Those who paid for PPV and those who paid enormous sums to watch the game live are the real losers here. Im sure it is public knowledge how much Manny pocketed as share in the PPV.

Everyone is clamoring for a rematch. And the sports mafia stand to earn more money than they did today. They will continue to lead us into a fool’s paradise until we stand up to them. Problem is, we are so gullible. Vicious cycle.


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