Soap Bubbles

I don’t normally watch Philippines teleseryes.   Not only because I’m a pretentious snob but mostly because I get tired of the same story recycled over and over again. There is no escape in movies either.  What you see in them are extensions of what’s on TV or vice versa.  I mean, give me a week and I can outline a structural analysis of plot, theme and character to prove my point.  So its like being stuck.  So I stick with the classics where there is a semblance of originality. But then again, you seldom see them on TV anymore.  Sure there are commendable indies I hear.  Hear or read about are the operative words here.  These award-winning films don’t have much market value so they don’t hit theaters in these parts of the country.  Not to worry though.  There are always the pirated dvd shops where one can get hold of a bad copy at cheap prices.

ImageIf there is something lamentable about the entertainment industry though, its the really bad acting by these young, barely trained actors in the soaps.  More often than not, they are given the lead roles while the really good ones–the older, talented  and experienced ones, are relegated in supporting roles.  I’m saying lamentable because I realize its a harsh reality and therefore nobody’s fault.  It has been a tried and tested formula that the bankable stars should top-bill the show if it is to earn anything, including the money needed to pay the support and technical staff.  I don’t know if it is a natural progression but I remember a time when Kristine Hermosa made me cringe when she delivers her lines.  But as the years went by, she actually polished up.  But where is she now?  There are so many actors like her who started out with very little talent but were given breaks because they were the hot items of the day.  But when they have finally gotten their acts together, they have lost their star quality and the audience is left with lousy but pretty young faces basking in their 15 minutes of fame before they will soon meet the same fate.  Some of those who linger and maintain their star and commercial power [some through scandal and publicity], are merely the chosen few.

It may be a financial suicide for TV producers to come up with a soap on prime time that will say, have Ryan Eigenmann [yes Ryan not Geoff] on the lead role or will revolve let’s say, around the extraordinary life of an ordinary carpenter or blue collar  worker played by  Dominic Ochoa [yes him, and not just as support for Ryan Agoncillo who I’m sure is a great person but whose acting cannot compare with Dom’s],but will surely give meaning to the word art in artista.


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