Her Kind of Romeo

He is not the most romantic guy by any standard but he’s got a way with him that is strangely endearing. For instance, he’d book them at an expensive hotel in town coz he doesn’t want any bug near her, but would take her out to dinner at some cheap roadside grill where her eyes would sting and liquefy, not only from charcoal smoke but also from smoke-belching vehicles. Worse, they’d have to attack those charred, cholesterol-dripping chicken breasts with their bare hands. Smelling of exhaust and barbecued meat afterwards does not improve matters for her either. He isn’t someone who’d open doors or pull out chairs for her but he’d gently pat dry her sweating back or wash her hair. He’s never brought her flowers; he thinks it’s predictable, unnecessarily expensive, and silly. However, he’d supply her with all kinds of food supplements from omega 3 to slimming tea to vitamin E. He doesn’t dig action movies that are like religion with her but he’d pass up a great comedy in favor of Terminator just to make her happy. With his head resting comfortably on her shoulder, he’d softly snore through the loud crunch of metal and deafening explosions lighting up the screen. She doesn’t mind though, knowing he rode four hours after going off duty at 2 AM, just to be with her. And then there’s his volcanic temper that never fails to upset her for days. And he could be insensitive and rigid at times, domineering and violent, jealous and obstinate. She had long stopped counting the many times he’d hurt her feelings. But he exerts superhuman effort to learn from his mistakes and he remains optimistic in the face of tribulations. And his sense of humor? Downright crude, corny and cheesy. Yet, hearing him laugh at his own lame jokes causes her to laugh just as hard and as foolishly. He does not talk much either, content to just nod on cue or grunt the expected “really” as she monopolizes the conversation with her inane topics. It is only on very rare occasions when he has drunk past his booze limit that he allows her [unconsciously of course] a glimpse of his deepest thoughts—thoughts that reveal a surprising passion for justice, for family, for humanity. It sometimes amazes me how they lasted this long, seeing how different they are […or are they?]. I guess it’s a great mystery how one can love unconditionally — with total acceptance and without unrealistic expectations. Which reminds me of this quote I read in Melissa’s blog: “True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”


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