Twisted 8 and 1/2: Jessica’s Tech Odyssey

Jessica Zafra never fails to entertain her readers with her wry, irresistible humor.  Her latest Twisted [Anvil, 2010] essay compilation brings her readers into her nostalgic and amusing adventures with digital technology, from the typewriter to Bluetooth to HTC S740’s.  Every narrative is brimming with her own brand of theatrics and outrageous language—one critic proclaims she is the only writer who can get away with expressions like “friending”, “bibliophibians”, “digital telepathy”,  or “gifted hypochondriacs”, amplifying her dexterity with the creative non-fiction genre.  A self-confessed hardcore urbanite who names her iBook Tiberius Kirk, her cellphone Zohan  and her MacBook Marat, Jessica’s layman’s guide to gadgetry and practical approach to technology ease this Probinsyana’s stress over editing via html, fear of the smartphone,  and neurosis over everything that starts with e. This book does come with a caveat/disclaimer though, and wisely put was it.  Jessica is as probably intimidating as I perceive her to be, and, despite being a great fan of hers, I would not dare venture within shouting radius of her sharp tongue, that is, except if I had her books with me, maybe then I could muster the courage to ask [timidly], for her autograph, and to hell with the consequences :D.


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