For Better, or For Worse?

Advertising is a poison that demeans even love–and we’re hooked on it – George Monbiot

I remember being a bit disgusted by this beauty product ad shown on TV a few years back.   A man is dropping his girlfriend (or wife) off but doesn’t bother to open the car door for her.   Then she uses this age miracle cream and after seven days, he is seen dropping her off again but does not only open the door for her this time, he also kisses her. This gentlemanly courtesy, the ad screamingly implies, is due to her younger-looking appearance. Wow. Whatever happened to true love transcending the test of time? Or is it truly only skin deep after all? Another one shows a man and a woman in a train(?) station. They’re meters apart.  After the girl applies whitening lotion [of the same manufacturer] resulting in a fairer skin, he’s suddenly sitting close to her, courting her. What an outrage. Are you saying dark complexioned women can’t attract men? And here I am thinking Alek Wek is a supermodel. The irony of it all is that the same company (maker of “ponds” and “dove”, if you must know), aired a campaign over international TV, about young girls being encouraged to love themselves, whatever their shape or size, color or race. It’s even a foundation, I think.   The deal is, if you buy the product, you’re supporting the organization raise funds to promote awareness among girls all over the world, that they are naturally beautiful and thus, they don’t need to feel inferior about anything.

I understand you people have to make money. But, must you stoop so low?   What gives?


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