Crucifying Cruz

So what if Cruz is giving my religion the dirty finger? So what if he thinks Christ is a fake?  So what if he believes Catholicism is polytheistic?  I really couldn’t care less.

After all, it is the Catholics who have perfected the art of religious intolerance. I myself laugh at, and ridicule other religions. I’m just not as brave as Cruz in expressing my feelings.  History would reveal how Rome/Vatican persecuted the so-called “heretics”; every now and then priests on the pulpit condemn these “unenlightened” ones, leading us Catholics to think we are morally superior and encouraging us to look upon these “others” with scorn. What is there to complain about then?

For non-Catholics who are ignorant about our dogma, bully for you if you don’t understand it. We don’t expect you to know the difference between polytheism and monotheism. You obviously have not read Augustine or Aquinas or Kant.  There’s no way we are apologizing for not using the Bible as the sole basis of our beliefs.  As my husband used to say, “everything the Bible says is true, but not all truths can be found in the Bible”.   And for atheists, we don’t owe it to you to prove  that God exists.  The burden of proving that He doesn’t lies in the accuser’s hand. So it’s either you believe or you don’t.

Thus, if Cruz and CCP people think what he is doing is art, that is his/their prerogative. Who can  define art anyway?  Crucifying him is pointless. What he is saying about my religion does not affect my faith nor change how I perceive God. However, our religious leaders couldn’t seem to help themselves.  They are programmed to be the myopic and censorious morality police of Philippine Society. They are just conforming to the roles they are expected [and they themselves set out] to play.   And what’s the deal with the Senate hearing over this? Overkill. Or sucking it up to the prayles [you know, for election purposes?]

However this will turn out, both sides have expressed themselves.  But who is the biggest loser?


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