eBook: A Whole New Way to Read

I recently downloaded the Kindle eBook reader software. Totally amazing.  In two minutes flat, a volume of Aesop’s Fables, a new edition of Pride and Prejudice and Treasure Island become available for me to read at my leisure.  Earlier, i have been downloading ebooks via Acrobat Reader, which is no less cooler.  Plus, there are countless sites that offer free ebook downloads [I’m sure i’m discovering this stuff later than i should have, but give this 40 something struggling techie a break, ok? :)] So imagine having access to books not available in my locality nor have the budget for.

I also learned i could buy an eBook reader so i can exclusively put all the books i download in one place, instead of being scattered all over my downloads file with the rest of other stuff i input in my pc.  But this means i have to carry another gadget in my bag, not to mention more wires and chargers. On the other hand, reading these soft copies can be really uncomfortable and does not allow flexible positions. I mean, i’m so used to reading lying down but its too awkward with a netbook.

A lot has been said about how technology has ruined habits and the simple, natural pleasures in life.  I do agree with what others [bookworms specially] say that the eBook cannot compare with the experience of reading a real book.  But somebody also observed that before books, there were only manuscripts in rolled parchments and before that, walls or barks of trees to read on.  It’s time to move on.  But hey, i got no cause to complain.  I have the best of both worlds.


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