Guilty Pleasure

My good  friend Portia, who is now  Stateside, gifted me four James Patterson books lately.  I have to confess that after majoring in literature, i have become a literary snob.  But every now and then, I do find escape and entertainment in  Patterson thrillers.

Uhh…”Sunday’s at Tiffany’s” is not a thriller by the way.  What makes it distinctly Patterson though, is the supernatural element. In fact, it is an ordinary love story about a lonely rich girl who finds comfort and welcome company in an adult imaginary friend and eventually falls in love with him when they meet again years later.  Patterson is purposely vague regarding the mysterious friend: he  neither directly qualifies him as a guardian angel nor human, though there is a strong implication of him being both.  His powerful love for, and strong desire to be with the girl however, suggest that these were necessary factors that contributed to him becoming one in the end.

If this book isn’t by best-selling, established author Patterson, I’d say it’s in the same category as Nora Roberts or Stephanie Meyer  or Nicholas Sparks, minus the drawn-out sentimentality and with the signature fast-paced narration of course, though the underlying theme of the power of love remains a common denominator.


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