The Old Grind

Today is first day of classes.  But there’s a hitch: I’m back to being working mom again, this time as school head.  Though I like being full time housewife, I am quite proud of this new career path.  I mean, it’s not everyday that one moves upward in the career ladder.  So let me savor the combination of heady feeling and the jitters. So, I woke up at 4 a.m. to prepare myself and kids for school.  Give or take a few days, I will be on rhythm of things.  The promise of stress is waiting just down the corner and a foolproof time management scheme should be handy right now.  Already, a teacher informed me that she won’t be in this first day. Looking for a sub would surely produce a few grumbles.    The morning program went relatively well, except for a slight problem with the sound system.  Rest of the morning had a few kinks but nothing I or the staff could not handle. Also, I provided the kids a mobile so I could keep in touch.  Although I can’t tell how long the budget for prepaid load will last. I’m feeling hunger pangs at the moment, reminding me to go have lunch.  The day is half-way over and for now, I’m saying a little prayer of thanks.


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