there’s a lady in the house

She was only 2 kg when she was born, and, barely 24 hours after i heard her first cry, i had to bring her back to the hospital, suffering from a 40 degree fever.  At nine months she had diarrhea due to lactose intolerance and i perpetually worried about her health since she didn’t drink milk much nor ate a lot.  She learned to walk late and learned to talk even later.  At preschool, she was always behind in school work because of a congenital eye defect.  She used to be afraid of many things, specially the dark.  She won’t even go to the bathroom by herself even in broad daylight.   And she is over sensitive and cries at the slightest provocation.  Sentimental to an extent too.  When deep in thought, she would ”eat” her fingers and even her toes that’s why i never had to worry about filing her nails. She had always been shy and silent, though there are times when she’s mad, she’d holler like a cow and won’t stop talking for an hour.  She can be stubborn too ,and knows her own mind. But i have yet to hear her talk back against me or disobey my rules.  When she turned ten, i bought her first Harry Potter book and she became hooked.  When you don’t see her around the house, she is surely in her room stooped over Nancy Drew or A Narnia Chronicle .  She says she wants to be a writer.  Her writing looks promising and i know i would move heaven and earth to give her what her simple heart would desire the most.

Every mother dreams of having the perfect daughter. My Dadat is far from that.  But with her quiet beauty and unassuming personality, I  know i am blessed.


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