Random Election Rants

* Emano of Cagayan de Oro City won the mayoralty race by a very slim margin; obviously, he does not have the people’s mandate. He should ponder on the implications of this outcome and make the necessary adjustments in his leadership and governance styles as plenty of negative eyes are on him, waiting for him to make the wrong move. The fact that he snubbed his COMELEC Proclamation does not endear him to the public either.

*Brother D voted for Cong. Uy and now he is worried what will become of the latter’s many projects in our district. Predictably, Uy would not admit defeat, accusing his opponents of fraud.  Some things never change.

* In our locality, ID cards were distributed to select voters. After the elections, bearers of said cards went to the Barangay Hall to collect money in exchange for the cards; the irony is that the number of claimants [literally hundreds of them] does not correspond with the number of votes that the politician who is rumored to be distributing the money, got in the elections. A thick face is worth P300 [that’s approx ten kg of NFA rice] these days.

*Dr. Jun Amante won as mayor in Butuan City. I’m not so sure about him but i’m just so happy the Plazas are out of the scene. Hopefully, the miserable road to our barrio  will finally see better days. That is, if the new mayor is not someone who bears grudges, as he lost there.


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