Monkey Logic in the Senate of the Apes

Premise #1:  Setting aside cheating and movie-star popularity as margins of error, legislators in the Philippines usually get elected because of their ability and intellect.

Premise #2: Some legislators are sophists (in contemporary sense) and often times,  their actions reflect neither the wisdom nor the intelligence expected of them. Examples:

a. Vigorously bringing up the C-5 Road Extension Project controversy few months before the election, where, conveniently, the person ensnared in this timely time-waster is a presidential candidate, a most envied, powerful, influential spin doctor;

b. Questioning the ethics of a fellow lawmaker after supporting his [the lawmaker’s] unethical measure–a severe case of “sign now, investigate later” syndrome.  And, if the double entendre intended in “double insertions” is not indicator enough of a Dirty Old Monkey’s (D.O.M.) unethical mind at work (yes, his insertions are all in the mind now, considering this particular monkey is an over the hill septuagenarian ), don’t know what is;

c. Protesting innocence before the wrong fora.  And, finally facing the right audience, alas, gives a fuzzy, 120 mph gibberish of a defense reminiscent of the supersonic resolution that sealed Erap’s fate in an impeachment debacle, walks out with righteous indignation, leaving colleague-accusers eating dust and the Filipino people still sitting in the dark about this already shadowy infrastructure deal.

Conclusion: MATALINO MAN DAW ANG MATSING, MATSING PA RIN (an intelligent monkey is still a monkey).

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Senate of the Apes.  Population :24. Average I.Q. of resident species: 140.


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