Letting Go

In today’s homily, the parish priest shared a personal experience about letting go. He had this dog who murdered his chickens. He was so mad he wanted to kill the beloved dog as well, forgetting totally that it is within the nature of animals to lack rational and moral attributes. Being a priest and well-trained in the art of introspection, I was not surprised when he admitted frailty, blaming his rage on his inability to come to grips with his loss–his inability to let go. Of course he was driving home the point that unless we detach ourselves from our materialistic natures, we will never be able to attain true spirituality.

Lest we forget, it is our nature to be attached. And we are attached to a lot of things, concrete or abstract. On a broader context, religion in itself is a form of attachment; otherwise, we would do away with it. So what if, I detach myself from the politics of religion, would I still find spirituality? I am curious because a friend of mine introduced me to this song and it somehow affected my views about religion. Realizing how much it has caused division and hatred, I now wonder about its relevance as far as achieving peace and harmony among us.


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