Rhetorical Questions

Why do Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s people keep on dodging issues thrown at her over her extravagant dinners and other spendings in the US? There seems to be a big miscommunication between us and them. Or are they just pretending to be daft and stupid? Do they really believe that passing the bucket to congressmen as bill-footers will vindicate and leave Her Excellency exempt from moral and ethical responsibilities? So what if Remualdez insists the money he paid for that dinner came from his own pocket? Does it make everything all right? If he is so rich he could afford million-peso dinners for the President and members of her entourage [including her family] who are already teeming with millions, why couldn’t he afford to provide for even the basic needs of his starving constituents in Leyte? Last time I looked, Leytenos are still as poor as the rest of us. The way I see it, the more these leeches open their mouths, the more they put their feet in. The Deparment of Finance just assured the public that all expenses can be accounted for–right to the last centavo. Are these people self-deconstructing or what? They were pointing fingers at different people as responsible for picking up the tabs yet they themselves can produce documents to liquidate such expenses? Excuse me but I think I’m gonna be sick.


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