To My Dear and Loving Husband

I can still remember the first time we met. I remember the cockiness of your smile, the gorgeous set of teeth, the unlined eyes brimming with humor and audacity, eyes that stare at me with a curious mixture of longing and respect. Twelve years and three daughters later, very little of that young man remains. Now I see the deep lines in the corners of your eyes, eyes that have seen suffering and pain. Your smile is a little hesitant now but still breathtaking. Your stare has a comfortable familiarity of assuaged desire and the respect in it deeper than ever. Yes, you have grown into a man. You have learned from your mistakes. You have borne your responsibilities with faith and determination.

There is so much I want to say to you but my heart is full and thus words elude me right now. But I know you know how much I cherish you, how grateful I am of all the sacrifices you have made for us. In your deepest despair, you always seek solace in my arms with humility and honesty. Everyday I marvel at how our children adore and worship you. Everyday I thank the Lord for giving me a gift so rare and so pure. And everyday I tell myself that I must be a good person to deserve someone as beautiful as you.


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