Clueless Dorks

Camiguin Representative Romualdo, in a radio interview, gives asinine justification for ConAss. First he asks local protesters [including some of his constituents who had to cross the waters to join the March for Peace here in Cagayan De Oro City] to give him substantial reasons why he should withdraw his signature from the controversial resolution. This means he is clueless why we Filipinos are against it. We have a legislator here who has absolutely no idea what his countrymen are thinking of. Then he further insists that they [congressmen] did nothing illegal. Of course. He doesn’t know either that we lowly Filipinos know our constitution, that we are not raising any issue of legality but of the ethics, the timing, the motives and interests behind the very abrupt and sneaky manner of passing said resolution. Third, he accuses the people of being dictatorial, of not allowing them, him in particular, to do their/his job. As if the act of withdrawing his signature is neglect of duties. Besides, we know he was doing his job; we are just pointing out how sloppily it was done. As for being dictators, well, the idea of representation probably escaped him. Or he must have forgotten that the authority he carries come from the people who put him to power. Thus, he should be the one doing the explaining instead. How pathetic.


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