You’ve Got Mail!

Oh this is rich…so f***ing rich…classic I might say. First an HK journalist who labels the Philippines as “a nation of servants” and now a Hollywood actor joking about getting a Filipina mail-order bride. And guess what??? The same affronted  [and violence-threatening] reaction, this time from a senator well-known for his womanizing ways [I mention this just in case the handsome senator was enraged on behalf of us Filipinas, specially those who have been paid for by, and are now married to, their foreign husbands, or that  despite his much-publicized unfaithfulness to his wife, he still thinks himself better than Alec Balwin].  Not that I expect him to realize he was doing something “uncalled for and insensitive” to Filipinas by having extra-marital affairs.  Hahaha, hehehe.  Anways, have you  visited the link yet?  See right column ad: SPONSORED LINKS…PHILIPPINE BRIDES…THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FILIPINA WOMEN BROWSE PHOTOS ONLINE FOR FREE…  CHEERS!

[BTW, the sanctimonious law-maker is also calling for the PRC de-licensing of artificial beautification tycoon Vicki Belo’s sugar baby-cum-stud-cum-doctor Hayden Kho re: sex videos with prominent bombshells.  It’s a good thing the hunky actor-turned-senator did not video tape his own dalliances under the sheets with the beauties of his oat-sowing days.  Otherwise, we would also now be calling for his senatorship de-licensing.]


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