Women Matters

I am less than a year to forty.  I have mixed feelings about it:  yearning for my carefree youth and wondering if life had passed me by but at the same time excited about entering a new phase in life.  But this is neither here nor there.  Foremost in my mind is the worry that I may not be able to cope well with menopausal syndromes and as a result, my marriage might be adversely affected.  Thus, I resolved to be prepared for it  by doing intensive research  and then orienting my husband well [I cant’ risk him being ignorant about it].  Luck was on my side however because I came across this  Yahoo News video via ABC News  [Good Morning America] this morning. It tackles the controversial issue of hormone replacement as, setting the “bad publicity” aside, indeed the answer to the pains and discomforts of menopause.  Of course the less than seven-minute discussion opened more questions than answers but the guest doctor/expert assures us women that with proper treatment procedure, HRT can be beneficial.  It is just a matter of  mixing prudence with knowledge and open-mindedness.


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