In search of a hero/ine

Outrage spilled the streets as the Court of Appeals reversed Smith’s guilty sentence in the lower court and consequently acquitted him from his rape conviction.

There is really no point to all these protests. Why do we insist on fighting for the “victim” when she herself is not interested anymore? She has said she wasn’t sure who did it to her? This she declared after swearing before the Bible that she was telling the truth and nothing but the truth that Lance Corporal Daniel Smith violated her virtue. If the women justices found her case wanting, its maybe because she was lying after all? Let us just hold our breath while the SC take its turn on this merry-go-round she created. But what these aggravated dissidents can’t seem to realize is that she is living her American dream now, the kind of dream everyone of us share. And boy, her passport to the accomplishment of her ambition is nothing short of genius. If we follow her lead, why don’t we just get drunk and flirt with an American, like the true Maria Clara we delude ourselves to be, accuse him of rape, ensure that he gets convicted so he can be ordered by the court to pay us thousands of dollars in indemnity for a crime he may or may not have committed, sabotaging his career, reputation and his peace of mind while we’re at it, and at the same time make the the two governments nervous enough that their agenda might be jeopardized they will offer us an American citizenship we can’t refuse? After all, we always have the option to recant later if our conscience becomes too heavy to bear. What does it matter that the world thinks of us Filipinas as hookers and easy lays? Why should the Philippine government sacrifice its relationship with the US for this woman? Is she worth it? She made us all look like fools. Of course our government will go to every length possible to maintain harmonious relations with the US. Let us not pretend not to know why nor hallucinate that there is a better choice for us. And if the US flexes its muscles to demonstrate its superiority over us, is that surprising? America had always been and always will be a bully. Are we so ignorant to think it achieved its superpower status by good faith alone? Haven’t we learned from history? Do we really believe that America will let anybody stand in its way? Take a look around. The illustrious Che Guevara was no match against the CIA; Saddam Hussein ended in a public execution; while the defiant and dangerous bin Laden could not even have the freedom to go to a public mosque without camouflage. It had always been like that; these facts have no shock value whatsoever. If it is any consolation at all, the Philippines is not the only country bitterly resenting US imperialism.

And don’t we find it totally admirable how the US values its people, criminals or not? Right now I am green with envy over Smith while thinking about the thousands of Filipinos overseas suffering all sorts of injustice while our government sits powerless to help them.

But what is really, really sad here is that we allow it. We allow it by folding and letting our greed and ambition get the better of us. Our history is replete with stories of betrayals by one Filipino towards another Filipino [if we need a reminder, let me give one: who was it that betrayed Bonifacio and his KKK? I am betting my bottom dollar (the only one I got) that it wasn’t a Spaniard]. One journalist even claimed that Suzette Nicolas symbolized the Philippines. How utterly apt. It is my firm conviction then that the street fighters are barking up the wrong tree. The revolution should be an inside job. And if we don’t rebel against ourselves, against our own deficiency, wouldn’t it serve us right if we continue to suffer this ignominy for the rest of our existence as a nation?

P.S. By the way, the journalist who threw a shoe at Bush? Out of shame, and embarrassment, a puppet Iraqi court tried him and he is now facing imprisonment. Yet American citizens at home , in the holy name of freedom of expression, publicly ridicule and make fun of this president in every medium known to man and in every slanderous way possible, even so far as doubt if his presidency has any worthwhile legacy. How fair is that?


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