Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Just saw the video of Susan Boyle’s winning performance at “Britain’s Got Talent 2009”.  Well, I did notice a few days ago how she set cyberspace ablaze and I finally relented to see for myself what the buzz was about. And just like everyone else, she swept me off my feet and here I am with jaws hanging open, awed by her talent and inspired by her story. It was truly amazing how she turned her audience and her judges [note the smirk and scorn on their faces] around, making her an overnight celebrity.  She could have defined that moment better if she had stuck out her tongue and said “take that, you morons.” As far as talent like hers goes, I have seen plenty , notably the teenaged Charlotte Church and our very own Lea Salonga, who both rose to fame via the conventional path.  What makes her standout however, is how she put us all in our place with her simple grace and confidence, her unassuming air and refreshing innocence [a 47 year-old virgin  hibernating in an obscure Scottish village].  So,  why not indeed, when we live in a world of artificial beauty and contrived talents?     Yep, she could give Madonna, Mariah, and those Belo creations a run for their money.


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