A Quick Revisit to the Bullies and the Perverts

An American cargo ship bearing food aid for the perpetually famine-stricken African continent was hijacked last Wednesday by Somali pirates off the Somalian Coast, taking the captain hostage and demanding ransom. In a daring, movie-like rescue operation last night, US Navy Seals secured the captain without a scratch, “sniper-ed” three pirates dead and captured one.

A Swiss, an Italian and a Filipina International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) volunteers were nabbed by the ASG last January 15, 2009, that’s about three months ago. The chronology of the developments regarding this kidnapping can be accessed through this site. Suffice it to say that until now, of the three hostages, only one has been released so far. Well, she was not rescued of course. She gained her freedom because the ASG probably took pity on one senator shedding tears of anxiety and supplication for the captives’ safety [then of course we cannot disregard the fact that she is not as high-profile as that well-to do news anchor they held a few months ago]. Turns out we did not have to spend all that money training our soldiers for situations such as these. We should have given them acting workshops instead so they can succeed better at their missions.


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