Of Bullies and Perverts

The ASG is famous for its outrageous behavior. But kidnapping ICRC volunteers tops all of its contemptible exploits. The way it is able to continuously bully the government and most of the time getting away with such tactic is equally disgraceful on the latter’s part, embarrassingly underscoring its leadership weakness.

These acts, that is, kidnapping locals and foreigners for ransom and murdering the victims every now and then when pissed, are manifestations of a sick and perverted mind. Thus, appealing to these renegades’ reason and humanity is a total waste of time. So since we are talking perversion here, I have a perverted idea: why don’t the ASG abduct corrupt government officials [Garcia, for instance] and hold them for ransom? One of its [ASG] pitiful and lame excuses for its crimes is the lack of government services in the Muslim/ARMM provinces. Kidnapping Red Cross workers who are offering their region the kind of services elected officials [both local and national] can never do will only scare these NGO’s away and leave them more miserable than ever. Moreover, the ASG needs image improvement; being branded terrorists and cowards can be demeaning. If it can shanghai these crooks in the government [not an easy feat considering the security walls the rebels have to breach but then will raise their bravery status a notch higher], steal these cons’ equally stolen money and use the same to uplift their region’s situation will serve everyone better and save the whole country the trouble of wasting more money prosecuting these thieves.


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