It’s amazing how a single act [premeditated or not], can result into far-reaching, undreamed of consequences.In the case of rape-victim Nicole,her supposed “recantation” [she did not categorically deny being raped by Smith] was like a bomb dropped on the unsuspecting public, drawing a myriad of stunned reactions ranging from mild disbelief to resignation.After reading her statement, I immediately went “what was she thinking?”Well, sufficient time has passed for the dust to settle down so might as well throw in my own piece into the melee.

The women crusaders say her decision should be respected and that she should be allowed to move on; a psychologist assures us that there is no harm done, it is part of her healing process; the justice department brushes it off as legally worthless; crime activists accuse Smith’s camp of bribery; while columnists blast the government for influencing [this is the mildest term I could think of] the girl to protect the VFA.

I’m sorry but I regard this latest act of hers totally selfish and irresponsible.We were there for her when she decided to pursue her case against her assailant.We prayed for her, we cheered her on. When she became the receiving end of suspicion and derision, we encouraged her not to lose heart; she asked for our support and we gave it to her whole-heartedly.We were proud of her.She was never alone in her struggle. Voicing our opinions to the media, we ignored the constitutional mandate that a person is presumed innocent and convicted Smith through publicity. And when he was literally convicted, her victory was not hers alone…we shared it with her as a people, as a nation.And now she wants no more part of it and decides to leave it all behind and live in peace?Has she thought this through and contemplated on its implications? How can she be so cruel as to leave us to hang dry out here and fester in the sun?

True she has been through so much; I can just imagine the anguish in both body and mind that haunts her day and night because of what happened.But to reduce her act into simple platitudes like “it’s her personal decision”, “let her move on”, “give her space”, is a lot of crap.If it is true that she yielded to pressure to accommodate the government then her loyalties are sadly misplaced.She owes us the citizens, that loyalty, not this government that forsake her when she needed it most [I mean, did Mrs. Arroyo even offered to provide her the best damned lawyer to fight for her rights?] No. Malacanang kept its watchful distance.This is the very government that  strengthened that agreement with the United States despite public dissent, an arrangement that re-opened old wounds that were never treated.Just look up the numerous unsolved rape and sexual offense cases against American soldiers during the period when their military bases were here.It is well and easy to suspect and then blame the government for dissuading her.But come on, can the government really point a gun at her head? Because if that was so, she would have quaked at the idea of even having her case put to trial. If she was bribed with material comfort and a better life in America and accepted the same in exchange for that statement, then shame on her. In case it escaped her notice, this is the sexual imperialist country that manufactured the Smiths in this world; Daniel is only a stock number. Tsk, tsk, tsk.Talk about entering the dragon’s lair. And if indeed she was never sure that Smith did rape her, then not only did she commit perjury but also a grave injustice. So while she is in that land of milk and honey in pursuit of healing and peace of mind, she might as well know that we are still hurting here in the land of garbage and corruption, eating the dust she leaves behind.


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