A Question of Ethics

In my Ethics class in college [a Catholic school], my professor [a priest], would open his class [this he did for the whole semester], with this grim pronouncement:”The end does not justify the means.”  As he was a man of the cloth and I was eighteen and impressionistic, I took his word as gospel truth.

True enough, the Church has been very rigid and uncompromising in its stand against the use of artificial contraceptives and recently, against the RH bill, saying that the government’s noble intention to alleviate poverty cannot justify the ways with which such an end is accomplished.

On the other hand, the Church may have been or may still be, accepting tainted money to do its charity work or even to operate.  This could not be helped though.  It is absurd for the Church to be checking out every source of its funds.  What if a drug dealer passing by drops thousands of pesos in the donation box?  More importantly, one doesn’t have to be a saint to give.  But PAGCOR I heard, is one of its benefactors [not to mention the countless corrupt Catholics out there who dole out conscience money]. Though PAGCOR is a perfectly legitimate institution, it cannot be denied that it acquires money from gamblers.  Legal or not, gambling is gambling and no amount of statutory excuse can make it moral.  In such a case, the Church is like a father feeding its family with dirty money.  So, is the Church being hypocritical or I’m being repetitive?


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